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Blush Desserts: 13 weeks of icing on the cupcake

Social Spots in Blush DessertsBlush Desserts is a small, delicious dessert shop in San Diego, Calif. They make gorgeous, scrumptious desserts. The shop is a warm and inviting space where patrons enjoy coffee, tea and desserts. They make cupcakes, cakes and macarons with innovative flavors, like spiked eggnog cheesecake, brownie sandwich with cinnamon ice cream and Fruity Pebbles macarons.

Patrons, many college students, spend hours playing board games and enjoying the shop’s many delights.

Our Social Spots photo booth spent 13 weeks delighting and entertaining patrons. During that time, patrons took 1,816 photos with the Social Spots photo booth. The Social Spots photo booth received 495 unique phone numbers for future SMS text messaging campaigns and 584 unique email addresses for future targeted email campaigns.

Blush Desserts now has access to a gallery of 1,816 images of happy customers to use in their social media campaigns. Further, many of their patrons posted their photos to social media platforms.

According to Pew research studies, the average Facebook user has 338 friends in their social network. If a quarter of the Blush Desserts’ customers who took photos posted them to their Facebook pages, that’s 270 unique Facebook posts, which would reach over 91,000 people in their social networks.

Installing a Social Spot in your business is like handing a megaphone to your happy customers so they can broadcast their experiences to their friends in an effective, branded and measurable way.

Social Spots allows your business to maximize the impact of every visit to your establishment. You make the happy customers and watch the word-of-mouth marketing grow your business exponentially.

Social Spots makes a terrific addition to businesses, like hotels, motels, resorts, tourist attractions, retail shops, dentist offices, clothing stores, museums, theme parks, sports venues, coffee shops, shopping centers, yogurt shops, motorcycle dealers, boat dealers, car dealers, spas, salons, bike shops, restuarants, bars, breweries, night clubs, cafes and more.

With our marketing experts, Blush Desserts crafted email and text messaging campaigns to encourage return visits from their happy customers. The result from one such campaign was a 20 percent increase in business, when they targeted a special offer to grow business on a Tuesday night.

Call us today to discuss how Social Spots can help you grow your business.

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