Social Spots at Social Tap

Consumer behavior changes approach to marketing

With the rise of the selfie, social media, opinion apps and mobile-phone mania, the balance of power in the marketing world has shifted firmly toward consumers.

It’s important that businesses of all sizes take note. The key is to put the power of a positive, memorable experience with your business in the hands of your consumer. That’s the thinking behind Social Spots. It’s basically a giant, branded cellphone that consumers interact with while visiting your business. Customers snap a great selfie, it goes into a photo frame with your logo and information on it, then customers post it to social media. It’s a great way for your customers to broadcast how much they love your business.

“The power has shifted to the attendees, forcing planners and marketers to provide interactive experiences that turn guests into content creators,” according to a recent article on

The big trend in marketing is giving customers the tools to share positive stories about your business. Imagine, a woman gets her hair done and your spa, snaps a selfie of herself feeling great and shares a post with her 200 or so friends about what a great experience she had at your spa. Or, let’s say you run a popular restaurant where customers often have to wait to be served, why not have them spend that time taking selfies and sharing their anticipation of your bomb food with their friends on Facebook.

Social Spots is all about quickly and easily empowering customers to share the amazing experiences they have with your business with their social network. Our Social Spots photo booths are a powerful tool for helping your brand go viral. Plus, you collect valuable customer information in the form of email addresses and phone numbers so you can reward your fans and get them to return to your business more often.

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