Social Spots word of mouth marketing.

Turn selfies into word-of-mouth marketing opportunities

It’s no secret that the world’s gone mad for selfies. Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie generated 33 million retweets. How can your business tap into this viral zeitgeist?

Social Spots. It’s simple with our Social Spots unit, from which your happy customers take branded selfies and share them instantly via social media, text or email.

Our Social Spots marketing specialists will work with you to maximize the use of your unit through marketing and re-marketing opportunities.

Social Spots turns your customers into brand ambassadors and rewards them for promoting your business. It’s a win for your business and a win for your customers. It all happens in a snap.

According to Boom Social, selfie marketing is the key to success in the age of the selfie. Together, we can create selfie contests, selfie rewards programs, social media incentives, selfie walls of fame and more.

“With selfies, brands can encourage fans to become part of an insta-community built around an activity or theme that is on brand and serves a specific strategic purpose,” said John Bohan of iMedia Connection.

Social Spots makes this connection with a fun, point-of-sale unit that takes incredible photos with custom branded frames.

“Since visuals continue to drive customer engagement, small businesses need to take advantage of the selfie phenomenon. Sharing these types of photos can help a company connect its brand identity to customers,” said Barry Moltz from Shafran Moltz Group in an article for American Express’ Open Forum.

One of the great advantages of having a Social Spots unit in your place of business is that you can use the photos it generates in your social media campaigns. Not only, do selfies create incredible word-of-mouth marketing — the most credible kind of marketing — they give you the opportunity to showcase your customers and attract more people like them with friendly, fun social media campaigns.

Contact a Social Spots marketing specialist to create the perfect selfie marketing package for your business. It’s time to be a part of the hottest trend in marketing. Social Spots makes it a snap.

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