mobile phone trends at social spots

Oh, the places you’ll go … with your phone

It’s kind of a cliche these days that wherever you go, people are on their phones. While it may not be great for interpersonal communication, it’s great for mobile marketing.

A recent Forbes article outlines the major trends in mobile use.

Social Spots aims to capitalize on people’s love of selfies, mobile phones and great deals. Social Spots empowers customers to become your marketing megaphones by giving them the tools to share the good news about your business while making it fun and rewarding them for doing it.

According to, consumers redeem mobile coupons 10 times more than they do print coupons. How would you like to multiply your coupon redemption by 10? A Social Spots photo booth in your place of business captures customer data, email and / or text, while they enjoy fun and branded photos. Next, a Social Spots marketing expert crafts email and SMS campaigns with business owners to encourage customers to share photos via social media, come back for more and bring friends.

A February 2013 report by Mobile Marketer shows 42.3 percent of consumers prefer SMS deals versus barcode scans or push message coupons. It’s clear mobile marketing is the future. Find out how Social Spots can help you capitalize on these trends.

Did you know more people own mobile phones than own toothbrushes? It’s sad but true, according to, 4.8 billion people own mobile phones, yet only 4.2 billion use a toothbrush. Yes, it’s true. Verify it here.

Dentists rejoice, the world prizes mobile phone use over dental hygiene. Incidentally, a dental office is a great place for a Social Spot.

People love text. People read text, quickly. A full 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery, according to That’s a fast and effective way to reach your customers with deals and new product announcements.

A Morgan Stanley study in 2007 showed that 91 percent of adults have a smartphone within arm’s reach. That means you’re a text message away from connecting with your best customers. Social Spots is a perfect way to collect and use the data you need for successful return marketing and word-of-mouth marketing.

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