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Selfie, selfie, selfie: Make this trend work for your business

Selfie this and selfie that. The noise around the rise of the selfie is deafening. If you’re not a camera-phone obsessed millennial, you’re probably more than a bit confused.

How can your company ride this wave, winning new customers and rewarding existing customers along the way? Social Spots is the solution. Like a life-size smartphone, our selfie marketing kiosk allows your customers to celebrate the moment by taking a selfie, which they can upload instantly to social media or send to themselves via email and text.

Imagine photos of people holding the keys to their new car, grinning from ear to ear in a frame with your dealership branding and contact information on it. Or a group of friends toasting a birthday at your restaurant. Or a woman beaming after having her hair done at your salon.

If you are in the business of making people feel good, it’s time you captured that feeling and used it to make more happy customers.

It’s not enough to simply have a selfie contest or a photo booth in your place of business. Like any marketing program, in order to be successful, it needs to be thoughtfully executed.

As Bizzabo says, one of the keys is training your staff to use your selfie unit and encourage customers to use this powerful marketing tool. “The squad gathers excitement around the idea, ensuring that you achieve your initial marketing goal of your selfie strategy,” write Hannah Weiner in 5 Tips for Successful Selfie Marketing.

Your Social Spots kiosk delights your customers by providing them with a branded keepsake that celebrates their visit to your establishment. Further, it rewards your customers for using the unit with text, email or Facebook offers that encourage them to return to your business. It’s a fun and easy way for your business to collect data on your best customers, get them to comeback and spread the word to their social networks.

Contact a Social Spots marketing specialist to create the perfect selfie marketing package for your business. It’s time to be a part of the hottest trend in marketing. Social Spots makes it a snap.

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