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“Nice outfit:” How fashion retailers are cashing in on selfies and social

Social Spots fashion retail locations

In the United States, over one million selfies are taken each day by 18-24 year olds and one of the top reasons that demo gives for snapping selfies is “to capture a nice outfit,” according to Izzigadgets.com. Clothing retailers are getting hip to this fashion photo trend by installing in-store photo booths, like Social Spots,… Read more »

Selfie, selfie, selfie: Make this trend work for your business

Social Spots at Village Hat Shop

Selfie this and selfie that. The noise around the rise of the selfie is deafening. If you’re not a camera-phone obsessed millennial, you’re probably more than a bit confused. How can your company ride this wave, winning new customers and rewarding existing customers along the way? Social Spots is the solution. Like a life-size smartphone,… Read more »

Five tips for successful selfie marketing

Social Spots at A Robert Cromeans Salon

So you’re ready to join the selfie revolution? Welcome to the future of marketing. Now, there are a few rules to navigating this new world. As impactful as a well-done selfie campaign can be, a poorly done campaign can damage your business. That’s where the marketing expertise of Social Spots comes in handy. We’re here… Read more »