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The rise of social media and the tools to win it

Social Spots at Phil's BBQ

Whether a business is in its beginning stages or well-established, marketing and advertising are an essential aspect of building and maintaining a customer base. A large part of creating a successful business is getting the product or service in front of the right audience. Social media is giving businesses a way to make a larger… Read more »

“Nice outfit:” How fashion retailers are cashing in on selfies and social

Social Spots fashion retail locations

In the United States, over one million selfies are taken each day by 18-24 year olds and one of the top reasons that demo gives for snapping selfies is “to capture a nice outfit,” according to Izzigadgets.com. Clothing retailers are getting hip to this fashion photo trend by installing in-store photo booths, like Social Spots,… Read more »

Oh, the places you’ll go … with your phone

mobile phone trends at social spots

It’s kind of a cliche these days that wherever you go, people are on their phones. While it may not be great for interpersonal communication, it’s great for mobile marketing. A recent Forbes article outlines the major trends in mobile use. Social Spots aims to capitalize on people’s love of selfies, mobile phones and great… Read more »