Social Spots at Phil's BBQ

The rise of social media and the tools to win it

Whether a business is in its beginning stages or well-established, marketing and advertising are an essential aspect of building and maintaining a customer base. A large part of creating a successful business is getting the product or service in front of the right audience. Social media is giving businesses a way to make a larger impact on potential customers in one visit. For businesses large and small, Social Spots gives businesses that power.

The use of social media is prevalent among many different age and socioeconomic groups. It’s hard to find many people who aren’t using social media, and experts predict that social media will only continue to grow. According to Business 2 Community, “Social media is important today, but even more so tomorrow. 90 percent of young adults—ages 18 to 29—use social media (compared to just 35 percent of those over age 65). Fully a third of millennials say social media is one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses.”

These social media users aren’t just sharing selfies and family photos, they’re making decisions on what to buy through social media. In fact, B2C reports that “consumers say that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television.”

Social media marketing budgets seem to keep expanding, so how can businesses make a bigger impact with less time and planning invested? Social Spots creates an amazing opportunity for businesses to market their message, while creating a fun and inviting experience for their customers. Social Spots is a sleek photo booth that businesses set up in shop. It allows customers to take branded photos and share them to different social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. The photo booth also collects emails and phone numbers from users, creating valuable leads for the business.

Social media users love sharing things with their friends. “Engagement (such as likes, shares, etc.) is considered the most important metric for evaluating social media marketing success, with 80 percent of marketers identifying it as one of the top three metrics. Audience size (61 percent) and website traffic (56 percent) round out the top three” (from B2C). Think about all the likes and shares your customers will get with your branded logo across their photo. Now, that’s making an immediate impact.

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